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Increase Direct Bookings

Engage, nurture, and optimally follow up with all your direct leads using Brance’s AI + Human approach. Achieve 2x conversions.


Increase Upsell Revenue

Increase your Revenue Per Available Room (Revpar) by upselling Room upgrades, In-house experiences and Local tours.


Increase OTA Reviews

Request feedback on OTAs and meta search websites. But, only from your Happiest customers.


Customer Intelligence

Use AI to extract customer pain points, market needs, competition mentions from terabytes of your unstructured data in the form of Customer care and Sales calls.


Lead qualification

Eliminate 70% of your junk leads using our Gen-AI-powered lead qualifier and improve the efficiency of your sales team.



Today your guests reach out to you on Whatsapp, Email, Facebook, Instagram and many other channels. Use Brance’s AI to quickly respond to them across channels.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Ritwik Khare

CEO Elivaas, Ex-Chief Operating Officer, MakeMyTrip

"Brance team's eagerness to learn and innovate in the hospitality space has led to an amazing product that serves as the first line of defense for all our social media leads. For a customer-first company like ELIVAAS, their ability to ensure every lead receives a response in less than a minute, even at midnight, is invaluable."

Vanshul Chawla

Chief Technology Officer, Vetic.

“Brance is an amazing group of folks who are pioneering the generative AI space. They provide great customer support resolving any issues immediately!”

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Increase your conversion by 2x using Gen-AI